Dreams and Vision 2021

Awaken Your Creative Soul

Take some time for yourself, and let’s work together to focus on your Dreams and Vision for your life.  I’ve developed an Art/Vision Journaling program that equips you with the tools, inspiration, and mindset needed to change your trajectory and awaken your creative soul to CREATE the LIFE you want. 

Where there is no vision, the people perish ~Proverbs 29:18

Without vision, intention, and focus, our years can fly by without any thought or recognition of its passing…..

Life certainly can get in the way.

So how do some people accomplish so much, and others so little?

I believe that it is a matter 2 simple things:

Setting Intentions, and Creating HabitS

But this is only simple in its saying. DOing is quite another matter. So many things get in the way, from mindset to fear, lack of boundaries to desire. These are not easy things to overcome.

The good news is these are all overcom-able

Join me for a monthor a year...

Each piece is a small bite journey that will take your desires, dreams and visions and make them a reality Awaken your dreams or get Focused on your vision

Each month-long focus will equip you with the tools, inspiration, and mindset to change your trajectory and CREATE the LIFE you want. There are 12 months in this course, each with a different focus to propel you along your path of transformation.

Here are some of the Monthly themes:

  • Alignment & Identity
  • Awakening Awareness
  • Nurture Your Creative Heart
  • Embrace the Journey Ahead
  • …and so much more to transform your HEart and your Soul

Here is what the Dreams and Visions 2021 Program looks like:

  • Monday – Friday: Begin your day with encouragement, focus, and a renewed mindset. Weekday videos 10-15 minutes in length will be available on YOUR time schedule. A new session is released 24 hours after your first sign-in to the Program.
  • Vision Journaling Facebook LIVE sessions (Monday 6:00 am) approximately 30 minutes.  Watch live or at your convenience.
  • Daily Mindset Strengthening Exercises.
  • Creative Prompts to set your art journal ablaze.
  • Daily Vision Journal session (approx. 15 minutes) to get you thinking creatively.

We will be creating habits, dispelling lies, strengthening resolve, and taking those small but consistent steps that bring real and lasting change. Your journey is just that – YOURS. No one can tell you how to walk it. It has to be discovered…by you. Your dream is worth it. Take hold of that dream and make it a reality – today!

$39mo – monthly subscription

Monthly Subscription {you can cancel at any time. Refunds only in the first 7 days of each month}

or join me for the whole year and experience lasting change at a discounted rate.

$29mo– annual subscription (charged annually)

Annual Subscription {annual subscriptions are not refundable after the first week of membership}

What people are saying about “Dreams & Vision 2021” :

Without your beautiful class and your inspiration, I wouldn’t have faced these fears or realized they had bound me up for years. I always knew something was missing in my life and I finally know to pray and trust. Because of your inspiration, I feel like the load of the world is off my shoulders and I am free to be more than okay! Thank you so much! -kathi

I am so enjoying this process!  I am on day 4, I missed a few days due to an event, but this experience has been so good for me, and I look forward to this practice....thank u so very much!   -maureen

I'm so excited! I've had a huge breakthrough because of your class and I just had to share how very grateful I am for you and all you do.  -terri