The Soul-Care of Self-Love

In a world that is self-absorbed, narrow minded, and shallow, greedy, opinionated…..

well you get the picture…

 I hate to bang the gong that says love yourself, take care of yourself, nurture your own heart, but the truth of the matter is this

If we aren’t emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy, how can we ever expect to be helpful to the people and the world around us?

When we only think about ourselves – others suffer from the lack of our notice and attention. Yet how can you fill others from an empty tank?

Most everyone knows the story of the oxygen masks & the airplane. It’s kinda like that…if you don’t have air yourself you won’t be conscious enough to give air to the person next to you. If you are still emotionally broken, others won’t benefit from your journey of wellness. If you are anxious or hopeless, what kind of effect do you imagine that has on the people around you?

In this last year we have all been subjected to a very stressful existence. Through no fault of our own, our lives have been turned upside down; some have lost jobs, homes, loved ones….and yet others walk forward in hope and renewed vision.

Why is that?

What do these hopeful visionaries have that everyone else on this planet can’t seem to grasp?

I can’t speak for others, only myself. But I see some parallels in the basics of how they think and what they chose to focus on during such unprecedented times. I’ve seen a major shift happen among some, a shift that includes choices that aren’t of the norm. These choices have become the backbone of their thinking, their emotional healing, their physical wellbeing, and their spiritual hopefulness.

These are a few of the things I’ve observed:

  • Refusal to allow negative news to affect emotions (in others words they’ve either stopped watching, or limited the exposure)
  • An internal shift from focusing on their own troubles – to thinking about how they can help others instead (offering free classes, giving emotional or monetary support to those who need it, picking up groceries, volunteering at a food bank, sending encouraging cards)
  • Instead of dwelling on what they are no longer allowed to do, focusing on all that this seclusion has allowed them to do (spend more time with the people in their homes, take longer walks with the dog, read that epic novel they never had time for before…or maybe WRITE that epic novel)

From this place of nurturing and self-care, these unique individuals have been able to not only care for their own psyche, but that of many others besides. Here is what I know:


If you talk smack…chances are the crowd will be a resounding chorus

If you speak love, kindness, hope, joy and supportive caring… your words and actions have the power to change the world

… one act of radical love at a time.

How have you been spending your time of seclusion?

Have you brought hope or despair with your words?

Do you know how to move forward from where you are now?

…it’s never too late to be a beacon of hope

What one step can you take today that will propel you a brighter future?

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